Life Coaching/Personal Development

Sometimes when we question things inside us or around us, confusion can abound within us. Don’t despair. Not everyone knows what to do at these times. Actually, not knowing can sometimes help. It leaves you open to anything and everything! And whilst these times can be discouraging and challenging, I believe these times serve a purpose in our lives by trying to guide us towards our own inner spark.


Life Coaching is a fascinating way to review your current life circumstances and begin to move towards desired goals and ambitions. 



The process can vary between short, medium and long term depending on you, your objectives and potential outcomes. Yet, whichever timeline you adopt, with honesty, determination and courage your sessions can create substantial change. However, this period looks to set the foundations both internally and externally for continuing change as you move forward in your life.

Beginning with me as your coach offering you an opening framework where by you can self-assess your current life situation, thoughts and feelings. You will in turn begin to set a goal/s whilst identifying a route in which you will take to get there. Yet, as you formulate a strategy, I may also help you question yourself and your own thinking as you choose the direction that you want to go in. 


As the coaching proceeds, many twists and turns can arise and I, as your coach am there to offer you unconditional support, empathy and motivation as this happens. Yet, I may also help you question your beliefs, motivations and ways of thinking whilst also holding you accountable for your actions as you begin to move towards your inspiring future vision. The aim here being to give you a foundation to move forward that is built on truth, self-acceptance and self-realisation.

Life coaching will involve stepping outside your comfort zone. As we look at what drives, motivates and energises you and what really makes you tick, tensions can arise. Yet, outside your comfort zone is where you can both learn and acknowledge many things about yourself. And whilst this can challenging as we face fears and limiting habitual thought patterns. Facing these at this point can enable a lasting foundation to be built that will underpin you and your life as you move forward. This is time well spent however as these challenges, if faced with courage and an open heart can be the beginning of something incredibly positive, inspiring and life changing for you. 


Initial Session Free

1 x Session - £40    

5 x Sessions - £185

10 x Sessions - £350

Sliding Scale also available


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